Coaching Youth Sports

Coaching youth sports is a great thing to do for the community and especially the kids. As a coach you can teach the young kids how to properly play the game. This can be a changing experience in these kids lives. Weather they fall in love with the sport or they realize that the sport isn’t for them. Coaching the youth leaves a impact on these kids for a lifetime, if you ask any adult who played sports as a kid he can still remember the one coach as a youth, that effected him in the most positive way. Now in most occasions these coaches don’t get paid to do this job, they do it out of love for the game and to better the next generation. As a coach you have one of the most influential positions in these children’s lives, they look up to you as a role model and a leader. Most kids don’t want to listen to their parents, but they will definitely listen to what their coach has to say. I can speak on this first hand; as a player I would never listen to my dads advice, but when my coach would give me advice I would hesitate and listen to exactly what he had to say. Coaching the youth has changed dramatically over the years; in the beginning intimidation was the original method to get the kids to listen and follow direction. Since the kids have changed and society has become sensitive over everything; coaches aren’t allowed to intimidate the children like they used too.  Although this change has effected some coaches and their coaching styles, the children have also benefitted from these changes. Coaching has become more and more important than just a random volunteer  who just runs practices. It has become a culture and philosophy to better the kids for the future society. Becoming a better role model is the most important thing a coach can supply their players.

I have had the benefit to play sports as a youth and have a collective group of great coaches who I will remember for the rest of my life. Also I have coached the youth as well and have considered myself as a great role model for my players. Coaching has changed my outlook and made me realize what I really want to do in life. Coaching the youth is a difficult task you must understand that every child has something different to offer. Also these children are developing and it is your job to help develop them into their true potential. I also had to change my coaching styles due to the fact that I was always coached by intimidation, now that this era of children are much more sensitive I as a coach had to become more sensitive towards my players. Coaching is a great way to do community service it can change your outlook and teach you patients. I recommend it for anyone to at least give it a try and especially if you want to coach as a career.  Below I will leave links too some interesting articles on coaching the youth.


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